Maintaining good health is one of the biggest concerns for many people. Food is one of the factors that strongly influence the quality of health that one has. It is imperative to stay healthy, and one way to do it is to eat the right foods that help us stay healthy. How can we help you? Well, by creating a custom meal plan in London for you and not just that- we provide healthy meal deliveryfor your convenience. 

Why do you need a healthy meal plan? 

The choice of the food and products we eat daily is visible in our body and the energy they provide us. If you are looking for a proper diet, what you should consider is to ask for a diet or meal plan in London. Make sure to include healthy foods that provide the best for your health. The most natural solution is to ask for a healthy meal delivery.

What is a healthy food meal plan?

They are those that provide nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. These provide what is necessary for the body to fulfill its daily functions and to develop good health. A complete meal plan that deliver what the body needs carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water.

The ten foods that you should always add to your meal plan in London

The concern to take care of oneself is on the rise: leading a healthy lifestyle –amid the chaos of modern life– is a virtue. Every day we know more about new ways to join this ‘healthy’ trend, starting with eating itself. However, what about when the decisive moment arrives? To what extent do we know the foods must be included in the meal planfor a balanced diet? We have collected the ten essential foods that should not be missing from themeal planto eat well for at least a week.


The true wisdom associated with the meal plan is to find those versatile foods that we can include grilled fish for light dinners, chicken, turkey breasts to cook with vegetables or salads.


One of the essential commandments is to make use of fresh and seasonal products that also fulfill the vital function of being versatile. Use your veggies in salads as a garnish in the oven or steamed, or as star ingredients in pasta or rice dishes.


Number of pieces of fruit consumed per day * 7 days a week. Which? Apples salad is healthy and tasty, and bananas are the source of potassium necessary to face an exercise routine and be a perfect base for ‘smoothies.’

Spices and seasonings

Another commandment is to prevent everything from tasting the same. Taking care of yourself does not mean giving up the flavor. That is why it is advisable to vary it week by week: parsley, coriander or even lemon.


The danger of overdoing with eggs is even better known than its benefits. While it is convenient to control the quantities, it is essential for the meal plandue to its versatility—breakfasts with eggs before high-calorie expenditure activities, light dinners with a good supply of protein.


For cooking, as a snack or for breakfast: the benefits of dairy offer proteins, vitamins, and essential minerals in all meals of the day. It is worth mentioning that dairy be lactose-free to promote more comfortable and lighter digestions.


It contains a long list of nutrients (calcium, phosphorus, and zinc in a healthy diet).


A surprising addition to the list, but one that helps the snack between meals (especially in the afternoon), has a healthy component. Hummus is an essential source of protein, fiber, and minerals like iron and calcium, and it is easily combinable with vegetables, crackers, or whole wheat bread.

Super foods

All those seeds and proteins with high nutritional benefits are included in this category, one of which is its satiating power. Quinoa or pumpkin seeds are top in fiber and protein.

Mid-morning snack

Keep your stomach full throughout the day and avoid indulging in excessively massive binges. It is best to opt for the most complete, healthy, and light snacks: lactose-free yogurts, muesli, or even dark chocolate.