Make healthy your new normal

Imagine devouring healthy, delicious meals daily without even lifting a pot.

Pick your plan

  • Your choice: Take your pick and order. There is plenty to love –all chef-prepared, made fresh from non-GMO, organic plants.
  • Our choice: New to Food I Trust? Our chefs have hand-picked our most flavorful and popular meals for you to eat healthy.
  • Weight loss: Scrumptiously doable weight loss with three meals a day. Large meal variety to keep you healthy and happy

How does it work?

  • We cook and deliver: Cooked from organic, fresh ingredients by our chefs and delivered to you.
  • You heat, eat, and enjoy: Heat in the microwave or oven. No cleanup. No cooking. No chopping.
  • Zero commitment: Your orders are fully customizable. Change your meals or cancel anytime.

Delicious vegetarian meals delivered

We deliver happiness to busy bees. We believe healthy, flavorful meals can be as easy as coming home after a full day. Simply heat, eat, and love. We are here to please, with plants.

Vegetarian Meals Delivered