A healthy eating


Each meal we deliver to you is hand cooked and prepared with the freshest and highest quality organic ingredients which are mostly sourced locally. Our expert team of in-house nutritionists and fitness experts understand the importance of eating healthily and how tough it can be to maintain when so many factors can vary your diet such as age, gender, medical conditions and your own goals and expectations. We devise individual customised meal plans for all personal and family needs including pre and post pregnancy, pre and post-surgery. Moreover, we also cater for various diets: detox, keto, intermittent fasting, pescatarian, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and Mediterranean. If you have a more specific diet on your mind that you want to try out, speak with our expert team who can help you to make a choice and if it is right for you. Our healthy meals focus on the right number of calories you need based on how much energy you use. It is important that you eat a variety of different foods so that your body is obtaining all the necessary nutrients it needs for you to stay healthy and function at your peak.

A few quick numbers to maintain weight:

Men should consume 2,500 calories (per day).

Women should consume 2,000 calories (per day).

Did you know that the majority of people eat more calories than their bodies require?

We make sure our meals come with minimal saturated fat in order to balance the amount of cholesterol in your blood, too much of it increases risk of developing heart disease. In addition, we keep an eye on sugars and salts levels we put in our meals because they lead to weight gain if consumed without balance. Our meals also involve fish, which is a good source of protein, for your body containing many useful vitamins and minerals.

Why we gain weight?

1. One of the main reasons you may gain more weight without even realizing it is because your meals are not designed properly and can contain wrong foods that can make still leave you hungry and unsatisfied causing you to snack in between meals throughout the day. You resort to snacks such as sweets, white bread, sugary drinks, pastries, cookies and cakes which can seem more appetizing and will indeed leave you feeling full but they come with barely anything useful for your body leading to unhealthy eating habits which can quickly increase your weight.

2. To tackle your potential snacking habits, we designed our menus with a 3-week rolling schedule and they change per season based on fresh seasonal ingredients that are available. In addition to that, our meals also utilize 5 A Day and we encourage this with great urgence depending on your goals. This helps your body stay fulfilled with healthy nutrients it needs throughout your day as well as decreasing any needs for unhealthy snacking.

3. As a company our key goal and focus is to promote healthy eating for our clients, we know just how important it is to follow a healthy lifestyle and how difficult it can be to maintain it. Very often we don’t have time to cook or don’t even know what to cook! It is much easier to get a takeaway from that restaurant you know all too well. However, it is time to say no to takeaways every day and get on the path to reach your goals of staying healthy and fit.

Did you know that staying healthy requires 75% healthy eating and only 25% exercising?

We made big changes to how we operate making it easier for you to order your food and with more flexibility such as choosing if you want breakfast, lunch and dinner meals per day or just lunch and dinner. With us, you don’t have to worry about contracts allowing you to start eating healthy and fit starting tomorrow. You can setup a weekly subscription which you can always cancel or start from scratch as long as you give us a day’s notice.