Personal Training

Do you want to tone up, gain muscle, lose weight, train for an event or just build confidence in the gym? Are you a complete beginner or a gym junky? Our PT’s will motivate, excite and inspire you towards achieving your goals. At FIT, we embrace the beauty in all sizes and bespoke fitness goals for every client. That’s why our fitness experts will design fitness routine for you that fits your exact needs.


We have a range of programmes that cater to individuals from a very beginning level to advance gym workout. Alex, herself being a sportsperson for the past 10 years, understands the challenges that you may come across while training. That’s why our programmes have something for everyone. No matter what you age, gender or fitness goals, we will create the right fitness routine for you!


At FIT, we will provide you with a fun and supportive workout environment, so if you’re just starting out training or a seasoned athlete, partnering with us will help you realise your health and fitness goals. We understand all areas of fitness training, including lean muscle gain, fat loss, athletic performance, and sports science. Go through the upcoming events at FIT now!