About Us

What we do at FIT

FIT is a London-based fitness food delivery which is a brainchild of Alex – a fitness enthusiast, trainer, head coach – passionate about changing the way people look at fitness, set their goals and what steps they need to take to achieve those goals.

Who is Alex?

Alex, the owner and founder of FIT, comes from a sporting background who has always been fond of boxing and kickboxing. Serving as a head coach and platinum trainer, he has extensive experience of 10 years combined in the sporting and fitness industry. He likes to think of fitness as a passion – where he believes in not only achieving his goals for fitness – but letting everyone around him to see a healthy, balanced life as an achievable goal, once they have the right guidance and resources at their disposal.
Alex understands the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and how decisions about our diet translate to how we look, how we feel and ultimately how well we do in our lives. He believes that modern lifestyle makes it challenging for urban dwellers to plan their diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. He takes this challenge head-on, and that’s why “FOOD I TRUST” was created

Why Choose FIT?

At FIT, we understand how age, gender, fitness goals and medical conditions alter dietary requirements for a person. That’s why FIT was created to be your ultimate provider for customised meal plan service in London. Our bespoke range of Customised meal plans offer you an unprecedented level of control over your diet and fitness regime – take the first step towards healthier, improved ‘YOU.’ We want to support you in accomplishing your fitness goals with our selection of healthy, personalised diet plans. Whatever your fitness goal, you can simply pick from our range of diet plans, or personalise one entirely to your tastes and watch those pounds fall off!