Fitness food delivery

There are diets that you need to avoid over time. Then, there are foods that you should eat every day for health and fitness. Do you want to know what they are?

You know that ultra-processed foods are not suitable for your body, that you should eliminate junk food from your diet as much as possible. It is best to limit sugar consumption. Know what foods to include in your daily fitness menu? Keeping them in mind and gaining insight into them will help you make better food choices and come up with more vibrant and diverse options based on fresh, seasonal, and environmentally friendly products. Check for fitness food deliveryavailable handy for you.

Ten foods that keep you as fit as a fiddle!

As a fitness mantra, it is important to feel more energetic, light, and motivated, and for that, we offer fitness food delivery service. If you want to improve your physical and mental health significantly, prevent problems such as obesity, diabetes, or cancer? We are talking about seven essential foods that should be part of your daily diet. Do not forget to complete them with regular physical activity and positive habits and restful sleep every night.

Whole grain bread and cereals

Instead of simple carbohydrates, it is more appropriate for you to go for complexes, more abundant in fiber, folic acid, and antioxidants. This is essential to stop the premature aging, cognitive decline, or prevent cancer. Both bread and whole grains will improve your digestions and help you regulate cholesterol levels.

Cereals are the primary source of carbohydrates. You should consume 4 to 5 daily servings of this group, such as rice, bread, cereals, or pasta, and combine it with starchy foods such as potatoes or sweet potatoes. It enhances whole grain products, which preserve their bark in which we find their minerals, vitamins, and plant fibers.

Bluefish such as sardines, tuna or salmon

The virtues of bluefish! Mackerel, salmon, cod, tuna, sardine or anchovy are loaded with fatty acids. Omega 3 is the key to keep your heart fit for cardiovascular health and anti-inflammatory. It works wonders for the digestive system, hormonal regulation, depression, or sight.

Olive oil

On other occasions, we have praised the advantages of giving weight to the consumption of olive oil in your diet. This product, so outstanding in our Mediterranean olive diet contains oleic acid and hydroxytyrosol. It can reduce cholesterol levels, reduces premature aging, and fight against cellular deterioration. Contact us if you are looking for the best fitness food delivery.

Green tea 

Green tea has many properties for your body, both slimming and when it comes to preventing various diseases. Its features stimulate the liver, protect the cells, reduce cholesterol, and purify your blood. It is a very beneficial drink for your digestive and cardiovascular health.


Whether in the form of milk, cheese, yogurt, or other derivatives, you should consume 2 to 4 servings of dairy products per day. You can also combine it with vegetable derivatives (soy, almond drink) enriched with calcium. Yogurt also has live ferments, which help improve the lactose digestibility of the product in individuals who have difficulties digesting lactose.


Consuming fruits daily can provide us with a diversity of nutrients. They contain vitamins and minerals essential for our body. In general, all fruits have good content of soluble fiber.


The daily consumption of vegetables is best from every point of view. Like fruits, they provide us with vitamins, minerals, and soluble fiber. In addition, they hydrate us since its composition is, to no small extent, water. They must be present at least at lunch and dinner and represent half of our plate.


Daily servings of 20-30g are what you should look to consume. It is crucial to choose those raw or toasted options without salt and frying. Its consumption provides healthy fats and omega 3, helping heart health.


It is not an indispensable food, but it is highly recommended. Cooking daily with spices can help reduce salt consumption. You can also give an infinite number of different touches to dishes using different spices, imagination to power!


The body needs a necessary daily amount of fluids. All cells in the body need water to function correctly. You should drink between 1.5 and 2 l of water a day. So, do not forget to stay hydrated to contribute to good health.

In addition, you, do you already consume all these foods daily? If you are missing many, get your fitness food delivery today!