Who We Are

Here at Food I Trust we a team of passionate and dedicated individuals with a penchant for health and fitness. Our founder Alex, a personal trainer, decided to expand his passion for all things health-related into developing Food I Trust, an online food delivery service. Our company focuses on delivering fresh and organic prepared meals to our clients across West London and the surrounding areas including Kensington and Windsor. What is essential for us is giving our clients the option to truly customise and create tailor-made healthy meal plans to follow as part of a healthy lifestyle.

From vegan and plant-based meal plans to keto diets and those who watch their macronutrients, there is something to please everyone. For picky eaters, there is an option to exclude or include foods that you do not personally like within your delivery box, ensuring that you get full range and choice over what it is that you are both paying for and eating as a part of your fresh meal prep plan.

How It Works


Our team of in-house nutritionists and fitness experts understand the importance of a balanced diet and how the components of a balanced diet may vary with age, gender, fitness goals, and medical conditions. This is why we believe in customising a diet for you that speaks to your needs – giving you exactly the kind of packaged meals you were looking for – ones that only taste better but make you feel better about your health choices. Our sign-up process is pretty easy:




Tell us your health goal; we’ve got a meal plan for everyone out there.




Out nutritionists design a menu based on your needs and fitness goals




We custom prepare everything, in-house using fresh, organic ingredients.




The freshest, tastiest, custom meals, fully prepared, and ready to eat.


Bespoke meals to fit your goals & lifestyle

Each of our meal is prepared fresh by our nutritionists every day with the highest quality of ingredients sourced locally.

by Niki on FIT fooditrust
Simply great

There is no doubt, I am a HUGE fan! For the last ten weeks, Food I Trust has delivered fresh, healthy meals every day which are nutritious and delicious. I have lost weight, feel fantastic, have more energy than ever before and with the immune boosting ingredients have stayed healthy.The pandemic has brought a major change to our lives and a negative impact on our health and wellbeing; working from home, lockdown stress, gyms closed, drinking and eating more, less exercise. and Food I Trust have been the one, consistently positive support over the last few months and for that, I am eternally grateful.
Thank you FIT you are brilliant!!

by Vinay on FIT fooditrust
What I've been looking for

I have been enjoying FIT Food I Trust meals every day since March this year and they are honestly a game changer in the prepared food delivery market. I have tried several others previously and I very soon get bored of the same bland meals, but this has not at all been the case with FIT Food I Trust. Their freshly made meals and smoothies are simply delicious, always changing and tailored exactly to my requirements. Would highly recommend to all!

by Evelyn on FIT fooditrust

FIT is a very convenient service. Food arrives in a cool bag early in the morning with each meal packaged for optimum freshness.
The service takes all the effort out of ensuring I have the right macros for each meal for my fitness goals and they are all delicious! I particularly enjoy waking up to their omelettes and refreshing protein shakes. The lamb couscous salad is also amazing and keeps me full and energised for my workouts.

by Ravinia on FIT fooditrust

I have been having FIT FOOD I Trust meals everyday for the last 6 months. The meals are always delivered on time and are delicious and flavourful! There is always a variety of recipes and meals are rarely repeated. I also enjoy the comfort that I am eating a healthy and nutritious lunch everyday. This service has been a huge help to me whilst I am working from home. I highly recommend this service!

by Dara on FIT fooditrust

I trialed FIT food for a week using their promotion. I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered fresh every morning.
I was astounded by how fresh, healthy and delicious every meal is. Worth every penny, making eating healthy and full of protein finally easily.
Definitely recommend for anyone to try and see if it is for you. I have much more time in my day and no more queuing up at the supermarket!

Why Choose Our Meal Plan Delivery Service In London


Many people consider meal planning a chore, and that’s why it becomes overwhelming– but meal planning could be the one thing that could transform you in ways you can’t even think of. People who’ve tried meal plans know that it can become very difficult to keep up with a meal plan because you not only have to prepare every meal on time every time, but you also have to plan in advance for every meal, and this can water down many people.
This is where FIT comes in – instead of trying another doomed eating regimen, try our healthy and affordable meal plan in London to discover the healthier you!

All of our food is made in house and is locally sourced within the UK and in and around West London including Kensington and Windsor. We ensure all our food boxes are fresh and prepped the day before it is due to be delivered to you. We strongly believe that an essential part of meal preparation and offering an online food delivery service, is ensuring everything is high quality but yet healthy. Typically, with most fruit and vegetables the food can deteriorate quickly. To solve this issue we never deliver our food in bulk and always aim to deliver your food to you during mealtimes so you can enjoy your healthy meal straight away, whether this is within the comfort of your own home, your office, or anywhere you want to enjoy our wonderful fresh food!

Aside from meal preparation, we also offer fitness plans, as well as a blog where you can find more information from natural fitness foods to eat daily and how to boost your immune system, to providing nutritious and healthy meals for your children when leading as busy London lifestyle. We offer numerous types of food delivery plans for the various nutritional needs that you may have, and we know that this can make it difficult to choose the correct plan for you. However, we are trained fitness professionals and can always offer advice on how to get started with our meal prep plans. Get in touch with us below or call 07539692216 to speak to us directly.

Offering The Best Meal Plans

Transform Your Eating Habits For The Better

Most people get our meal plans because when you already have a menu of foods you’re going to eat for the next several days, you won’t feel the need to eat out or even ordering takeout!
As you might already know that most restaurants and fast food outlets serve food that is all taste while having zero nutritional value. FIT offers healthy meals prepared fresh by our expert nutritionists every day with the best ingredients sourced locally, so you don’t resort to ordering a cheeseburger, pizza, or a bucket of greasy wings after a long day at work.

Our Meals Are Healthy And Delicious

There is a popular myth that healthy meal plans usually taste bad, but this isn’t true at all! Our meal plans will be a treat for your taste buds, not to mention being high on the nutritional scale.

Get Your Meals Delivered To Your Doorstep

We don’t deliver in bulk because when packaged food is microwaved, it loses some of the essential nutrients. Therefore, we deliver fresh food during meal hours so you can enjoy the yummiest and healthiest food while sitting in the comfort of your home. Our healthy meal delivery system ensures that you’ll get your desired meal without having to wait for hours.

Get in touch

Not sure about yout fitness needs, don’t know which diet to follow? Our team of in-house nutritionists will assess your individual requirements and compose a bespoke meal plan – just for you! Give us a call now.